Loading Files

You can load source files into Idio with load "file" which will search IDIOLIB for the actual file, file.idio. You should not use the filename extension with load.

load is naïve and will blindly run everything in the file each time you call it.

echo "this is dummy1"
load "dummy1"
load "dummy1"
$ idio simple-load
this is dummy1
this is dummy1

require / provide

require feature is slightly smarter in that it will remember when feature has been successfully loaded and not re-load the file if it has already done so.

To ensure that, the actually loaded source file, feature.idio must end with the expression: provide feature.

feature is now a symbol rather than the string passed to load.

echo "this is dummy2"

provide dummy2
require dummy2
require dummy2
$ idio simple-require
this is dummy2

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