If you find a bug in Idio, you should let the developers know through one of:

  1. an Idio issue on GitHub

  2. an email to

  3. a chat on Matrix in the Idio Help room

Please check that it really is a bug and that it is in the latest version of Idio.

The bug report should include:

  • details about idio

    You can get everything required by invoking Idio with the --version flag:

    $ idio --version
    IDIO_CMD                       = idio ($HOME/.local/bin/idio)
    IDIO_EXE                       = $HOME/.local/bin/idio.0.3
  • a description of the bug behaviour

  • a short script that exercises the bug

Of course, if you have a fix for the bug, let us have that as well!


If you have any suggestions, feature or enhancement requests, please use the same routes as for bugs, above.