libcurl is a simple wrapper around the libcurl easy functions for libcurl v7.73.0 or later.

curl-easy-setopt accepts multiple keyword-argument pairs where the keyword can be :CURLOPT_name or just :name where name is a case-insensitive libcurl option.

There are two extra options, :reader and :writer, for supplying an input handle or output handle respectively when performing a transfer. The default is for libcurl to use stdin and stdout.

GET Example

import libcurl

curl := (curl-easy-init)

;; You can use booleans for (obvious?) boolean options
;; cf. curl -L
curl-easy-setopt curl :FOLLOWLOCATION #t

;; In case the TLS cert is banjaxed
;; cf. curl -k
curl-easy-setopt curl :SSL_VERIFYHOST #f :SSL_VERIFYPEER #f

curl-easy-setopt curl :URL ""

;; Here's the interesting bit.  If we want to collect the output we
;; need to supply an output handle.  In this example, we'll use a
;; string handle:
osh := (open-output-string)

curl-easy-setopt curl :writer osh

curl-easy-perform curl

str := get-output-string osh

printf "The webpage was %d chars\n" (string-length str)
$ idio libcurl-GET
The webpage was 5453 chars

As a slight spin on the above test, we could use a pipe handle for our writer and wc -c as the pipeline to achieve something similar:

import libcurl

curl := (curl-easy-init)

curl-easy-setopt curl :FOLLOWLOCATION #t
curl-easy-setopt curl :SSL_VERIFYHOST #f :SSL_VERIFYPEER #f
curl-easy-setopt curl :URL ""

printf "wc -c: "

oph := pipe-into wc -c

curl-easy-setopt curl :writer oph

curl-easy-perform curl

;; XXX curl does not close the writer and wc -c will be blocked
;; reading stdin.
close-handle oph
$ idio libcurl-pipe
wc -c: 5464

Why do the counts differ by one? Sphinx has added a transiently-hidden Pilcrow, ¶ U+00B6, at the end of the title, Idio. Idio was counting characters and wc was counting bytes. If your wc supports it, you can try wc -m to count characters instead.

For a PUT example, you would set :reader to an input handle and set :UPLOAD to true.

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