Getting Started

There are no downloadable packages, you need to build Idio from source. The full instructions are available but the basics are:

git clone
cd idio

with the resultant executable as .local/bin/idio which you can run directly from there or add that bin directory to your PATH.


The Idio executable and libraries are designed to be handled as a tarball so you can:

(cd .local; tar cf - bin lib) | (cd /some/where/else; tar xf -)

to put the Idio distribution elsewhere if having /some/where/else/bin on your PATH is more convenient.


make user-install

will add the executable as $HOME/.local/bin/idio where $HOME/.local/bin might already be on your PATH.

Test Suite

You can run the test suite with:

make test

make test explicitly uses .local/bin/idio as the executable.

Idio is regularly tested on these systems.

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